Verführung in Las Vegas (JULIA 26) (German Edition)

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I have finally uploaded a whole new set of parts concerning the hooks and constructed them the way they are to the LDraw Parts Tracker. The first hooks, consisting of two parts, are now really made from two separate parts. This was not possible with the initial drafts that were on the Parts Tracker for too long. Also assemblies in their pulling and idle positions as shown in the picture below can be found on the PT with their plate number, i.

After the first trains of the previous year were uniformly kept blue in their appearance, introduced a more colorful experience. Set was a full train including a 4,5V motor.

Panic! at the Disco - Alternative Rock aus Las Vegas - DW Deutsch

I finally finished another model from the recent era. I picked up a set I started very long ago and never quite finished, I guess because the front windshield part was not yet available in LDraw. The early trains used hooks to connect their cars. This connection method was rather short-lived. | NovelRank

It stayed in use only for about years looking at Bricklink data. Now whats the difference between them? Upon examining the x I noticed that this one is actually available in two different versions. There are several options available, the 2 x 3 plate with a round end and a hole, which everybody knows, then a 2 x 4 plate with a hole, a 2 x 4 plate with a hole and a gap.

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