Adagio For Strings Op. 11

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Its reception was generally positive, with Alexander J.


Morin writing that Adagio for Strings is "full of pathos and cathartic passion" and that it "rarely leaves a dry eye. Adagio for Strings can be heard in many TV shows and movies. The inspiration came from Virgil's Georgics. In the quartet the Adagio follows a violently contrasting first movement Molto allegro e appassionato and is succeeded by music which opens with a brief reprise of the music from the first movement marked Molto allegro come prima — Presto.

Roosevelt and John F. From the quiet intensity of its opening bars, to its restless, searching inner voices and shifting meters, Adagio for Strings is filled with inner tension. Its gradual, expansive crescendo is both terrifying and sensuous. The final chord, a tense whisper in F, ultimately feels unresolved, but seems to offer a glimpse of a reality which exists beyond the confines of the piece. I have always believed that I need a circumference of silence.

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Two years later, he created the string orchestra version, submitting it to Arturo Toscanini, who returned the score without comment. Annoyed, Barber assumed the great conductor had rejected the work. But Toscanini had been so excited by the music that he memorized it, immediately, and apparently never looked at it again until the day of the premiere.

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