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The participants, still blindfolded, completed a haptic memory test for half of the objects immediately after exploring them. They held each object they had explored and a similar novel object that was distinguishable only by subtle details -- their task was to indicate which object they had explored before. They completed the same test with the other half of the objects 1 week later. But would they still remember objects so well if they weren't intentionally memorizing them?

And could objects that were explored by touch be recognized via a different sensory modality? In a second experiment, a new group of participants explored the same objects without knowing they would be tested on them. Instead, the experimenters said that they were investigating aesthetic judgments, and they asked the participants to rate the pleasantness of each object based on texture, shape, and weight. Participants returned 1 week later for a surprise memory test, completing a blindfolded touch-based recognition task for half of the objects.

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For the rest of the objects, they completed a visual recognition task, in which they saw the original object and a similar object placed on a table, and indicated which one they previously explored. After each trial, the participants also reported if they answered based on recalling details of their touch-based exploration, feeling a vague familiarity, or simply guessing.

Again, the results showed that participants remembered the objects with high accuracy. For both tests, participants were most accurate for objects they said they recalled details for, moderately accurate for objects that seemed vaguely familiar, and least accurate for those they guessed on.

The key with digital archiving, archivists say, is duplication. Every important file should have three copies. Ideally, those three copies should be stored on at least two different storage media. Levenick said that she personally uses a method for backing up: three copies, two different media and at least one away from home.

10 Ways Anyone Can Keep Their Precious Memories Forever

For example, you might store two digital wedding albums on your desktop and in a cloud based storage. The first step to a good digital practice is high resolution photographs. Oey recommends snapping photos of your items in good preferably natural light. You can also use a service to do this for you for 60 cents a pop. The second step is storing those files just as safely as the original documents.

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That includes hard drives, flash drives, CDs and anything else. Online storage solutions can be weird and confusing, but luckily there is already a handy and thorough guide on Wirecutter , a New York Times company that reviews and recommends products, to help you choose. Audio and video preservation are often neglected by family archivists because they are more technical than common sense, but they are no less important. Audio recordings — like reel-to-reel, cassette, mini-tapes from answering machines — can be easily translated to digital form as MP3 files, but not in a high enough quality to replace the original recording.

The Association for Recorded Sound Collections has a list of vendors and plenty of resources on preserving physical sound and digitizing it. Preserving video follows much of the same rules. The trend is toward storing video in digital formats instead of carrier-dependent formats.

Choice-supportive bias

The Institute of Museum and Library Services has a thorough detailing of all the trials that go into digitizing video and deciding how to do it. But for those who just want their videos safe, vendor help is the way to go. Most video conversion vendors will charge you around 20 cents per foot for 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm film conversion. Its central arrangement and extensive command over activity within the olfactory cortex makes the structure a conceivable repository of episodic odor engrams.

The circuit can now be used as a model to study fundamental aspects of human episodic memory and the odor memory deficits seen in neurodegenerative conditions," Aqrabawi said. The researchers are optimistic that their recent findings on the link between hippocampal projections to the AON and spatiotemporal smell memories will lead to more effective ways to examine these neural circuits in humans.

In the s, when I was growing up, the synthetic and kind of musty smell of any Woolworth store was etched into my memory banks as something very commonplace yet out-of-date. The 'Woolworth's smell' always reminded me of gramma and grampa.

Why Is Memory So Good and So Bad?

Nevertheless, I created my own what-when-and-where smell memories in Woolworth's when I was younger. Woolworth's went out of business almost two decades ago July of and has been a source of nostalgia for me ever since. For me, a lot of the s songs from this movie musical brought back vivid memories of being in Woolworth's over 40 years ago.

Because "the world's greatest five-and-dime store" went bankrupt decades ago, I realize that my year-old daughter will never smell the very distinctive Woolworth's odor that was etched into the AON neural pathways of previous 20th-century generations. Since the millennium, countless brick-and-mortar stores have shuttered their doors. Inevitably, with less and less time spent mingling in public spaces or frequenting brick-and-mortar stores, the parts of our olfactory system that encode what-when-and-where odor memories aren't being enriched with as much olfactory and spatiotemporal stimulus as in yesteryear.

Surely, this movie-going experience encoded lots of what-when-and-where odor memories. They have this wonderful smell to them.

They smell like popcorn and chewing gum rubbed around on the bottom of a leather-soled shoe. Afif J.

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Wen Zhou's group linked the sense of smell in bacteria from the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction to biophysically constrained viral latency and all biodiversity via our visual perception of energy and mass in the context of the space-time continuum. Please send a memo to the Allen Institute. Tell them to stop touting nonsense in the context of brain imaging. Christopher Bergland is a world-class endurance athlete, coach, author, and political activist. Back Psychology Today.