Gay Erotica: A Weekend In L.A.

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They are each sexy if different ways. They are emotional in different ways and held my attention throughout. Overall my advise is WOW, really, seriously and laughter. Ty and Bear. Ty is a egotistical fitness guru who seems to be a player. He thinks Bear will just be another of his admirers. He is wrong and the game they play is comical and sexy.

I Nathan Bay Bathhouse Confessions This is actually three separate, stand alone stories featured around a bathhouse.

Pride parade

I love the cage part. That sure added to the story. I liked how Bear also called Ty on his lack of admitting what he was really doing. This is a fun story. The end has a little twist that also made me laugh. This I found interesting on how a college student tries to makes his fantasy come true. He adds a twist to this to supposedly enhance the experience. Who would want serious with Trevor who I felt turned into a manwhore after he originally had never had casual sex before. But it is my WOW and really story. Adam and Gabriel. As Adam gets used to living up to his stolen reputation he changes.

When Gabriel reenters is not only sexy but really entertaining.

How this is brought together is genius. Oct 20, Natosha Wilson rated it really liked it. This bundle set is what I would consider to be an erotic read. There are three stories and each one revolve around the Bathhouse. Each story is a short story that are differ in ways but similar in other ways.

They all revolve around the main character of the story and their secret desires.

All homes harbor secrets

These book was widely erotica but a little very little romance was thrown in toward the end of each read for a twist at the end. Nathan Bay did a good job on these books. The first short story is Bear This bundle set is what I would consider to be an erotic read. The first short story is Bear Hunting.. This is a story about a guy named Ty. Ty considers himself to be highly wanted among patriots of the bathhouse.

gay erotica

He holds himself in VERY high regards. He is cocky and confident so when a man named Bear that Ty is hearing about blows him off as if he is nothing, Ty does not take this well. Can Ty convince Bear to show him these magic abilities that everyone in the bathhouse is talking about. Or will Bear put Ty in his place in the end? The second short story is Sensory Deprivation. This is a story about Trevor. Trevor has fantasies about being with multiple partners in a weekend like he seen in a video. He has been preparing himself for this dream come true for a while now.

Including having his best friend Caleb being present when he makes his dreams come true. What he never expected was to have a mystery man spark an interest in himself.

'The Advocate', with Calvin Culver (Brian) and Jim Cassidy (Bob) (1974). Photographer: Eric Skipsey

The thing is, Trevor went into this thing with a blindfold and ear buds in so he has no clue who this mystery man is. So Trevor decides to try and figure out who this man is. In order to do so, Trevor will have to perform this act several times. Can he figure out who the mystery man is? How will he handle what he finds out? The third story is Prostate Pounder. This story is about a closeted man that is ready to find a relationship for the first time. But when an opportunity arises, he will take advantage of what has been handed to him.

No matter if it is wrong what he is about to do. Adam has been in the closet since he realized he was gay but living in California and going to school there should have opened doors for him in the love life area but the opposite has happened. But it did open an opportunity that Adam has always wanted to fulfill. What will happen when Adam takes things to far? These were good short stories. I really enjoyed this reads. Nathan Bay did a good job and I look forward to more in the future. Was given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review Oct 13, Tiffany rated it really liked it.

Journeys - Episode Four: Gay Erotic Film ft. Will Tantra & Calvin Banks

This is a set of three short novella length stories revolving around a place called The Bathhouse. They are three standalone stories but I would recommend reading all three. In this set you'll get hot and steamy action and more. Each one is the perfect length for a quick lunch hour read. Bear Hunting: Ty walks around The Bathhouse with a confident, if not cocky, attitude. To him, everyone loves him and wants to be with him. He doesn't get rejected, or does he? What happens when he meets Bear, the This is a set of three short novella length stories revolving around a place called The Bathhouse.

What happens when he meets Bear, the first one to walk away from him?

Arrows of desire: How did St Sebastian become an enduring, homo-erotic icon? | The Independent

Bear sees something in Ty, something Ty doesn't even see. Can he make Ty do a little self-discovery? This short story was not just about sex, it was about finding out who you really are and what you really want and I enjoyed it. Sensory Deprivation: This was one hot story with sex, sex, and more sex.

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Trevor was on a quest to have a 20 load weekend, a fantasy of his since he was a teenager. After his first experience trying it out he was hooked and wanted to up the experience for the next time. Could he handle it though? With his best friend Caleb, acting as his bouncer, at his side would Trevor be able to fulfill his fantasy or would something get in his way?

There was a lot of kink in this story. Prostate Pounder: This was a short but steamy story of using misidentification to your advantage. Adam, sick of waiting for love, decides to just have some fun. Pretty soon he finds a hidden talent that has the guys lining up. The history that exists for an entire group of people came out of these laws, this prejudice, and this hate. They responded with this art work so that they could still exist within that culture and remain true to themselves.

Dazed media sites. Donald Trump's buccaneering US presidential campaign has cast him in several outlandish guises but none stranger than the one that has become an overnight sensation on Amazon - as the main character of a gay-erotic novel set in one of his own hotels. The book was produced in rapid-quick time after Daniel posted a pledge on his Twitter account, aguywithnolife , which has 95, followers. The finished item is dedicated to marijuana and alcohol and preceded by a blurb that attempts to woo readers with less than subtle innuendo.

I was working as a bellboy at the Trump Hotel in Hong Kong on an internship program.