How To Make Your Own Cat Food

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9 Homemade Cat Food Recipes That Are Way Healthier Than Kibble

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, looked at cat food recipes on the internet and in cookbooks, analysing their nutritional content. Recipes were found to be missing sufficient levels of taurine, iron, or vitamin E. The recipes that were written by vets and included added-in supplements fared better than the entirely DIY versions. Five recipes reviewed by vets had all of the needed nutrients apart from choline. Throw in the time and effort it takes to make your own cat food, and it might be best to just buy cat food in stores instead.

Feline Nutrition's Easy Homemade Cat Food Recipe

They eat all the mouse parts. And all these different parts and organs contain different nutrients. More from L. It sounds as though homemade cat food is a lot more complicated than buying ground chicken at the supermarket. This is not easy. You need calcium from bones. You need amino acids present in organs. You need fatty organs like the liver, because that has iron.

If you want to do this, start with pre-prepared [frozen raw] food. Any kind of meat is OK: beef, pork, chicken, turkey. With fish, it should never be fed raw. There is something present in fish that can antagonize vitamin E usage. Cats evolved as a desert predator, and their ancestor is the African wildcat. That said, if I had some cooked fish, I would give my cats a couple of bites. A lot of people are concerned about raw versus cooked. Does the diet have to be raw, and should I have safety concerns?

This is very, very controversial. Most veterinarians and the American Veterinary Medical Assn. I can say that in 15 years of dealing with animals eating raw food diets, I have seen one household where two cats got sick.

Homemade Cat Food Recipes — How to Make Your Own Cat Food

Before you begin, visit Dr. I am still a puppy at heart at 12 years old and looking good on my low fat diet and handful of biscuits each day.

Cat Food Recipes for Tasty Fish Entrees

I look forward to trying out some of your other suggestions, but agree with the cat that broccoli and some other green veg stuff and fruit is awful! Love Shan Di. Dr Pitcairn says alfalfa is ok?

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Arginine abundant in meat is critical for cats, and inadequate amounts of arginine can cause serious problems. Last but not least, Alfalfa contains coumarin derivatives that can inhibit blood clotting. There is no reason to use this herb, none. I am just wondering how many servings does this recipe yield?

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I am currently looking up the ingredients and I am trying to configure the difference in cost from the food I now purchase in comparison to this recipe. I have 5 cats and have been contemplating on transitioning to a more holistic method of feed for my kitties, especially seeing how my only female cat is now 25lbs and has been steadily gaining weight over the last 5 years since we spayed her. I feed her the same as I do all the other cats and have even put her on a diet which did nothing but make her depressed and miserable. I believe the only thing that may help with her condition is to change her diet to holistic feed completely.

It is SO sad, because I have to give her regular booty baths as she can not reach there to clean herself. I have been able to find most of the ingredients on nuts.

Hi Talena, Thanks for your comment! How sad about your dear kitty. I wonder if her thyroid is wonky. Poor baby. I made more food over the weekend and counted up how many servings. I form the food into roughly teaspoon-sized balls, and a pound yields about balls it seems like. So a pound of food lasts our cat about a week. I hope this helps. Blessings to you and your furbabies, Lindsey. This is a great article — thanks so much for the instruction as well as the inspiration. I was just wondering if you get the biscuits to room temperature before serving.

I am assuming they are still pretty cold once thawed. I am a college student on a budget. I still want to feed my cat the most nutritious diet possible, while not breaking my piggy bank. He is currently almost 6 months old. Do you have any advice? I do not at the present have a kitty or dog however, I have had it on my mind lately. I found your information very good and would make my own food for either. I would get a puppy or kitten so I could train. Since I would be starting with a baby, would there still be that picky eater problem? Also, do you have any information on making homemade dog food?

And would it be ok to feed a kitten the same food as you have printed or not? Thank you in advance for any possible help. I have never really had either I have raised a parrot for 23 years and also hamsters. Hello, great ideas.

Homemade Cat Food

I just want to point out that felines are obligate carnivores, unlike canines, and should never have grains. I have seen too many cats develop diabetes in response to grains in their diet! Especially some of the wilder breeds. I make my cat food with raw chicken thighs and similar ingredients to this recipe except no grains.

The other 2 cats eat this on the side of high quality kibble. I make about 8 to 10 pounds about once a month. One quick question.. This is exactly what I have been searching for. An easy to follow, simple, homemade raw cat food recipe. Thank you for keeping it simple! I have a question about using livers and such. Do you also grind it with the chicken thighs?

I would like to give this to my cats as I think they will like it. Or can I just put it down whole and let them have at it in a dish? Brittan, The vitamins are doubled and tripled too.

Natural Way to Feed a Cat : Cat Health Care & Behavior