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I was pleasantly surprised to find that taking even the smallest chances had a domino-like effect in my life, and especially my career, in a very positive way. I decided to start small with blogging, and began submitting my pieces to different online outlets.


Not only did I gain more confidence in myself and my writing, but I also landed a coveted spot on the board of an arts nonprofit that I wanted to work with. Plus, I came to appreciate how every failure helped me to better navigate future situations.

For instance, I once campaigned to be a project lead at a former employer. I spent hours researching and laying out my proposal, and when I finally landed a meeting with the director who was spearheading the project, I was sure I would be a shoo-in.

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After I excitedly gave my presentation, the director asked me about our competitor and their product, and I drew a blank. Needless to say, I did not land that project, but I did learn a valuable lesson that aided me in future prep. As someone who considers herself the definition of an introvert, I impressed myself as I confidently navigated networking events and informational interviews.

This skill has become especially useful in my day-to-day work, and helped to better showcase my strengths to senior management.

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Saying yes led me to discover important lessons that ultimately made me more successful in my career—and happier overall. Ready to say yes to new and exciting things yourself?

How about taking one of these fun online classes, or reading one of these career-boosting books, or even just picking up one of these one-minute morning routines to start your days off right. Karen works in the wine and spirits industry by day, is a freelance writer at night, and in her free time works with ARTS By The People , a nonprofit focused on making the arts easily accessible to all. Karen is obsessed with learning, life, career, and self-improvement, and is always looking for the next travel destination to check off of her bucket list.

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Ohh, then it happened one night Looking in her eyes Ohh, and I popped the question Much to my surprise. So we called the preacher Family, and friends And nothing's been the same Since. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. She moved into my old apartment That's how we got this whole thing started She called and said that I had mail Waiting there for me I told her that I'd come and get it How could I know in just a minute That I'd be standing face to face With my own destiny Ohh, and we sat there talkin' Just like we were old friends And ohh, then I asked her "Can I see you again?

You gotta check out.