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She entered the school at age 13, without having taken any previous dance classes, and after just three years she joined the company becoming a Soloist at the age of 18 years. In American review Dance Magazine wrote about her unusual kinship with cousins Raffaele, Alfonso, Augusto and Fabrizio Paganini - famed dancers too - and with two paternal aunts, a paternal uncle and a maternal aunt and uncle that were all Rome Opera Ballet dancers of the older generation.

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Her genealogical tree also includes grandfather Eliseo Paganini, a world-champion athlete, and very famous opera singer Giulio Neri , her uncle. Since her off-stage partner is former ballet teacher Fabio Grossi. Amati, F. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Testa, Dizionario Gremese della danza e del balletto 'Lauri, Guido' pag. Ottolenghi interviews T.

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Tani, Danza. However after lying down she felt ill and ran to the bathroom to puke. As she threw up she lost consciousness and drowned as her head slipped into the toilet. She was a poor student. She was very fidgety. She divorced Johnny Weissmuller.

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She died while pregnant. She committed suicide because she felt as a devout Catholic it was wrong to give birth out of wedlock. She romanced Gary Cooper. Although Mexican, she was able to portray other ethnics.

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She began her career as a Broadway dancer in a Fanny Brice revue. Her suicide note read: 'Please give my regards to the American press, they were always very nice to me.

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He died four years after becoming famous. He got married to his wife, Audrey Mae, at Audrey became his manager. He recorded several religious albums under the alias Luke the Drifter. He became addicted to pain killers after injuring his back while hunting in Tennessee. He moved in with his mother after divorcing Audrey. He married his girlfriend, Billie Jean, after finding out that he had impregnated his other girlfriend, Bobbie Jett.

He began performing in public at the age of He officially formed his first band at the age of His first single, 'Move it On Over,' reached the country Top 5. He performed six encores after his first performance in Nashville's Grand Ole Opry. He had 7 hit singles in Tony Bennett covered his song 'Cold, Cold Heart. His ex wife, Audrey, widowed wife, Billie Jean and the girl he had an illegitimate child with, Bobbie Jett, all attended Hank Williams Death On January 1, , Williams was due to play at a New Years Day concert in Canton, Ohio, but he was unable to fly due to weather problems with snow and ice in Ohio.

He hired a college student, Charles Carr, to drive him to the concerts he was to perform during the few final days of and early Also found in the Cadillac convertible were some empty beer cans and the handwritten lyrics to a song yet to be recorded. According to some, Williams was carried semi-conscious to his automobile by Carr and a hotel employee, who wondered about Williams' condition, and later believed he might have been dead at that point. In a slightly different version, Carr suspected Williams was moribund at some earlier point, but realized the great singer was dead several miles before entering the town of Oak Hill, West Virginia where he, almost in a panic, pulled up to the gas station to seek help.

Upon closer examination, it was discovered that Williams was dead. He was The official cause of death was heart failure, but there is still some mystery about the circumstances.

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Controversy has since surrounded Williams' death, with some claiming that Williams was dead before leaving Knoxville. Other sources, speculating from the forensic evidence, claim that Williams died in his sleep while the Cadillac was being driven through Kentucky about an hour before his body was discovered in the back seat. He was arrested in Detroit for soliciting an undercover police officer Although he was found not guilty on grounds of entrapment, he vowed never to return to the city.

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He married Marilyn Morrison, in Morrison, the daughter of a Los Angeles nightclub owner, was aware of the singer's sexuality from the start, telling a friend she would "straighten it out. He had a long-term relationship with his manager; Bill Franklin He was an alcoholic and abused tranquilizers. In he was hospitalized for tuberculosis, due to is excessive drinking.

On February 24, , Ray died of liver failure. He pled guilty to five felony counts of sex abuse involving him performing oral sex on a 12 year old boy He filmed the acts with the boy. He served 15 months in prison.

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He is a registered sex offender in California. The boy he abused raised media attention and picketed when 'Powder' was released by Disney In his movies, he still focuses on underage boys and shows them without shirts or showering.

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His movies are dark, violent and disturbing. He resembles John Wayne Gacy imagine that. Despite being convicted of a heinous crime, he still makes plenty of money. He remained friends with Francis Ford Coppola. He began making movies at age twelve. He made up a story about being forced to marry a teenage gypsy he seduced. He frequently filmed animals being viciously slaughtered.

On the other hand, he was accused of staging some of his footage. He was accused of delaying the execution of a Congolese rebel so he could film it. He claims he worked for the American secret service during World War Two. He was a respected journalist and editor prior to his film career. He is not afraid to expose the more sordid side of world culture. He is also credited with exposing the wide scale poaching of African wildlife.

The resulting arrests caused several radio stations to stop playing their music. Zola Taylor claimed she had an affair with Frankie Lymon when he was They were the first black act to have a 1 pop single in the United States.

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The arrested group members were eventually acquitted of all charges filed against them. He liked 'the sight and sound of a black man playing white hillbilly music. He used to grease up his hair. In , he came under fire for transporting a minor, who was 14, over state lines. He was brought up on charges after officials in St. Louis found out that he had hired her to work as a hat-checker at the clubs he performed at. She had previously worked as a prostitute in St. Louis area hotels. He would spend 2 years in prison after that. He changed much of his music style during the 70's to appease the hippie movement.

He spent days in jail after being arrested for tax evasion He was arrested for possession of videos of women urinating in his St. Louis restaurant. Video cameras were found in the restroom He was one of six children. His mentor early on was blues legend Muddy Waters. Many feel that Elvis Presley stole his entire routine from him.