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Learn Dutch on autopilot with superlearning ()

The online Dutch course is aimed at beginners, who want to learn Dutch online fast and want to reach quickly a basic vocabulary, without spending too much time on grammar. You learn dutch words and the english translation, and a picture.

For learning pronunciation, each word is repeated twice. Best way to study the course is: 1 watch this video 1 or 2 times 2 study the word list 3 make the test 4 no mistakes in the test — then go to the next lesson.

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This is a fully free course. Just one thing — if you like my course, please share it, like it, and subscribe to my youtube channel. This video is blocked. I also communicate solely in Dutch for 3 hours per week. During the conversations, now I can really hear the words out and sometimes can even spell them by pronunciation thanks to DUO , however I just don't know what does it mean.


Basic Dutch Phrases with Pronunciation

Yes, guessing for the most of time works. Nevertheless with too limited vocabulary you just can't say what you want.

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I totally agree with your idea that we should keep the tree golden. But at the same time extra vocabulary expansion is in need. Thanks a lot pal!

I am now in the bottleneck period. The Quizlet website seems to be another excellent auxiliary app. You can also read in Immersion on Duolingo and you can hover over words to get the meaning, but the words are not added to your word bank for later review. Perhaps it is a feature that Duolingo could add?

Dutch Vocabulary

Maybe as a separate list of words if necessary specifically for Immersion words! Yes, you can read in Immersion on Duolingo, but the Immersion feature is not avilable for Dutch as of yet. And thanks for the excellent list, ppelk. May I add, Anki is also a great flashcard app. Is it possible that Duolingo would add more lessons to the tree?

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I read that they changed the german tree.. Get started. Topic: Dutch. Learning the most common words in Dutch Memrise vs Quizlet vs Lingua.

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Hallo leerlingen! I recommend it.