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An out-of-the box cut feels more elevated than your standard issue undershirt, so it should hold up on its own. Complete the ensemble like Rihanna does: with equally bold accessories.

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Adding a polished counterpoint to the relaxed fit makes it feels like a finished look. Go for pieces that fit the vibe of your top: think funky, colorful necklaces and bangles with a graphic knit just like Rita did! Follow suit with something similar — spandex bike shorts also work well!

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For a very long time, there were shirts and there were dresses, and nothing in between. One required a bottom, the other did not, and disregarding this rule made you look a bit crazy. Or worse: half naked. Keywords celebrity style fashion dresses. Not every guy who is under 5 feet 8 has a 28 inch waist. I find Untuckit to be excellent. The shirts are created to be worn untucked so they are shorter torso size. Target slim fits are the best I can do, but even so they are still too long. Yeah… knits are tough. Peter Manning sweaters fit great in terms of length. I am the same size, and have recently found J-Crew XS sweaters to work well.

This is surprising to me given that J-Crew XS clothes are usually much too big. What size fits for me? S or XS? Need your help guys. Thanks from indonesia. Amen, and three cheers for this. I hear ya, brother. Most guys can make MTM dress shirts work, plus button ups and trousers can almost always be altered. But tees, shorts, polos… these are tough to find. Am I missing something? BTW, fantastic article. As a short-ass, I share your pain.

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  7. Here in Aus, we have a brand called Country Road and I swear their shirts are modeled on orangutans. They can be altered. A suit, for example, is expensive and needs to look perfect.

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    A t-shirt might cost more to alter than it would to buy. Your orangutan comment reminds of trying on this GAP shirt the other day. Completely agree with you. Their polos fit great. The dress shirts and trousers fit with some minor alterations. Where do you get decent socks? One size fits all is a scam. Uniqlo seems to be a good choice for smaller guys…thanks for the tip.

    I try to shrink them with their first wash, which usually helps. European ones tend to have the slimness down, but then I feel like they are basing their patterns off of long legged viking. Agreed, although it seems that brands like Uniqlo inevitably adapt their North American lines to our sizes i.

    How to cut off sleeves of a shirt - Make long sleeves short - Easy DIY designs with Cinderella Sew

    I just noticed that my XS shoe trees might be too big for my size-6 dress shoes that I suspected they stretch my dress shoes. The only time I go to brick-and-mortar stores is when I need to return items. And, oh, to buy pocket squares. Joshua — totally agreed. At least you can return most items to their physical store instead of shipping them back.

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    Brock — I love love love reading your blog. Everything you post hits home. Your photos are the best too. I see other guys wearing shirts that just end perfectly past the waistline. Keep your articles coming…. I look forward to them and they keep me inspired to up my style and know how to do it. Thanks for the feedback! Those taller guys you see with shirts that end perfectly at the waistline are wearing small and medium sizes like the model in the ASOS shirt above. Perhaps we should start a database of companies and the sizes in inches?

    What is their small, x-small, medium, etc. If we had a reader created list that could be cool. I could take a polo from Uniqlo for instance and get all the pertinent measurements, upload it and there you go. I think a Google doc would work well for this…. Give me a few days to mull it over and set something up. I recently window-shopped at bonobos. This is definitely a good idea to compile more detailed measurements per store.

    Will do! Also, did you buy anything from Bonobos? The suits are nice, but their slim pants are anything but. Yeah, I felt the same way about the pants. My ideal amount of slim and taper is in the Express Rocco pants and the Banana Republic Aiden slim-fit chino.

    Have you tried either of these? Very nice fit, high quality sweaters. Have you tried sweaters from jcrew factory? They seems to be highly recommended everywhere I read.

    bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/speed-dating-la-cellera-de-ter.php But I tried their sport coat once and it was too long. I just ordered a couple of items from JC Factory no v-neck sweaters, although they are available in XS.

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    Peter Manning is a good slim but the waist is off—too big in size 30 fits like 31 but the rest of the leg is perfect. Length is a big problem even when the rest fits. Gap S comes to mind. Where are all these weak tall people?