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They worked closely with Robert Neyland, who leads the underwater archaeology branch of the Naval History and Heritage Command.

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Mr Neyland and his team manages the approximately 3, American shipwrecks and 15, naval aircrafts worldwide. It would take the team under four minutes to dive to the wreck, with water temperatures plunging below 40F 4C. Ascents would last up to three hours so divers could avoid decompression sickness.

Its sinking was initially blamed on a boiler explosion, despite accounts from surviving crew members, who said they had spotted a German submarine before their ship sank. In a rare move, the Navy overturned its initial ruling after declassified German documents confirmed that the Eagle had been hit by a torpedo.

The sinking was changed to a combat loss and all of the Eagle's crew members were posthumously awarded a Purple Heart for their service.

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The discovery is invaluable recognition for the crew of the Eagle "for having their ship shot at beneath them". This fall, the Smithsonian Channel will air its documentary "Hunt for Eagle 56", chronicling the discovery by Mr King and the diving team. The party says it would tax the "wealthiest" to cut hospital waiting times if it wins the election.

The Eagle lay ft 91m below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. Related Topics United States Shipwrecks. More on this story.

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