OLD JACOB (The Old Adventures of Hailey and Jared Series 1)

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So David left school behind, and joined a moving company where he traveled the U. Eventually he settled down and started a computer repair company, while also serving as a youth pastor along with his wife. David spent more than a decade building websites, online games, and robots, when eventually the plummeting costs of PCs led him to cease repairing computers and start offering freelance services online. He started out creating solutions for clients, but soon began focusing exclusively on WordPress as his affinity for the platform grew.

After years of working solo, David eventually decided to join an agency so that he could work with a team and further refine his skills. Now he has his eye on contributing to WordPress core. He discovered WordPress while working as a freelance web designer during his college years at Columbia University. In , he contributed to the WordPress-based relaunch of newyorker.

Dillon discovered his passion for design while creating business identities in This, of course, led Dillon to web design, a crucial extension to any brand development process. He quickly found the web to be his ideal canvas, as he incorporated dynamic, interactive assets, enabling a far more engaging experience. Before he knew it, Dillon was providing creative services for Fortune companies, universities, telecoms, and government projects. Dillon is fascinated with design trends, and is always exploring tools and technologies that push interactive design further. Dillon enjoys the entire design process, watching ideas evolve from concept to creation.

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Eduard has always been interested in technology and electronics. He then went to college and studied artificial intelligence, electronic engineering, and computer science. In he had his first encounter with web development, and he fell in love at first with PHP. Since then he embraced a plethora of technologies, and he worked for a few digital agencies developing frameworks, custom APIs, web apps and cross-platform mobile apps. Although originally from Romania, Eduard now enjoys life in sunny California. Outside of programming, Eduard is a fun father of 2 a boy and a cocker spaniel.

He loves to travel to new places, beer tasting and board game nights, listening to music and checking out new movies. He has spent over ten years as a software engineer. He has experience in design, development, architecture, systems administration, security hardening, and streamlining business process. Ivan recently focused on building feature rich web apps targeting desktop and mobile clients, with an emphasis on performance, reliability and cleanliness of code at Amazon. In his time off, he loves to travel the world and write about it on his WordPress powered site, adventureivan.

After graduating, he worked with several web agencies in Central Florida. At the time, Flash was booming and he had the opportunity to build rich video experiences and several games. After working with numerous Content Management Systems — including one that he built — Ivan discovered WordPress and was instantly hooked. WordPress quickly became his CMS of choice; he even found himself building on it in his free time.

Over the last seven years, Ivan had the opportunity to lead and work with small to medium sized teams to deliver time sensitive projects to high profile clients like Walmart, and Hilton Grand Vacations. His last role involved leading a team of 6 developers in support of a major retail client.

Jay Moore came to 10up in after careers in graphic design, non-profit communications, and advertising. After rising to the executive level at a national advertising agency, Jay decided to step back and focus on helping partners be successful through communications and marketing strategies tailored to their goals.

At 10up, Jay has worked with more than 40 partners in industries such as healthcare, publishing, entertainment, finance, and non-profit. These engagements have led to Webby Awards, business model shifts, redesigns, and expanded revenue opportunities, all with the understanding that if our partners are successful, 10up will be successful. To further his skill set, Jay received his certification in client success, and is currently studying innovation at Stanford, building on his more than 20 years of client relations experience.

Joe has many years of experience planning, crafting, testing, and maintaining websites — primarily utilizing WordPress as a CMS. After college, his passion for web technologies was fueled behind the scenes during careers that were not necessarily technical. Even then, Joe was consistently working in IT and digital marketing — building websites during the table-layout days and using social media before it was a term. As a Senior Front End Developer at the agency level, Joe led an internal charge to evolve processes, systems, tools, and web performance.

He successfully implemented new concepts including responsive, mobile-first, and content-first design; Grunt; BEM; atomic design principles; iterative processes; style tiles; and web-based style guides and pattern libraries. His biggest joy is often found through the pride he has in watching his daughters, Shaena and Emma, tackle the journey of life. He is a rabid fan and season ticket holder of the Portland Timbers and follows many other favorite sports teams. Joe also enjoys camping, hiking, skiing, video games, and spending time with the family dog, Ruby.

It was in middle school that Karine made her first awkward website. Her love affair with WordPress started in after she made the switch from Movable Type to build personal websites.

Her travel bug made her leave the land of the morning calm for California, and she joined Brainstorm Media in the summer of Her relationship with WordPress got very serious and led her to 10up. Karine has a hard time parting from her computer but when her fingers are not glued to a keyboard, she loves eating, hoarding pictures, and traveling. After spending some time in the U.

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  2. Dont Cast Your Pearls Before Swine And Other Clichés Which Came From The Bible.
  3. Executive Team;
  4. The Half-Eaten Boy on the Stairs.

She adores being a creative as it seeps into every aspect of her life. She began her digital path in working for a pair of developers that ran an extremely tight ship. She designed CMS and e-Commerce websites using a very limited hex palette and size allotment. Not Kelly. She found the constraints inspiring; a puzzle that held opportunity for creativity and great work. Little did she know… falling in love with this new space would lead to a deep fondness for design within the WordPress platform.

While there, Kelly elevated the brands online presence and swept The Webby Awards 2 years in a row. A short time later, her Chicago roots came calling. Over the next 7 years, she worked for a number of large advertising agencies within their lean digital teams. She often wore multiple hats including Art Director, Digital Designer, UX Designer, and mentor to other creatives looking to transition into the digital space.

A lifestyle change and a chance to focus on her design roots in Portland became a reality a little over two years ago.

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Lukas is a typical IT geek who has been working in the field of development for over 14 years. Everything started in a small, Polish town, when his parents bought him his first Commodore C64 computer. Without any doubts, Lukas knew that computers would become his biggest passion. Two years later his first PC computer helped him to develop the hobby.


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In , Lukas started his professional career as a network administrator and was quickly hired as an engineer for big Polish IT companies. He needed the next five years to work up the nerve to follow his dreams to become self-employed. With his Master Degree in Science and strong experience under his belt, he decided to start his own business. Over the next 9 years, Lukas created, developed, and serviced applications including financial and sales systems and web portals with over 1,, viewers per month, using technologies like LAMP, Java and ASP.

After growing tired of being a manager, salesman, employee, and employer he took a position with Timely Network Inc. In searching for more opportunities, Lukas came upon 10up. When he does step away, he can be found traveling the world with his wife, walking his dog Rosia that he fell in love with at a dog shelter , or watching American television shows. She has worked with a variety of clients over the years, including nonprofits, startups, think tanks, B2B and B2C, higher education, healthcare, financial institutions, utilities, and more.

Melissa approaches design from a user-centric perspective, creating solutions around user research and analytics data rather than passing trends or personal preferences. She loves the challenge of bridging the gap between user needs and business requirements, seeking out the space between, where the real magic happens.

And through it all, she draws on her strong sense of empathy to keep her work grounded in humanity and her collaborations positive and productive. Outside of work, Melissa passes the time hanging out with her husband Damian and young son Milo, who make her laugh so hard she cries. She loves Harry Potter House: Hufflepuff , whiskey Eagle Rare, rocks , old school gangsta rap, travel, language and grammar long live the Oxford comma! Michael has been solving problems as a web designer and developer professionally since An appetite for learning has led him to acquire a broad range of skills: he has built full-featured web apps, designed front-end interfaces, released an iOS app, and even dabbled in Ruby on Rails.

After trying every publishing platform on the planet, and working on a team that wrote their own CMS, Michael became hooked on WordPress, and has been building on it ever since. When Michael unplugs, he enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, roasting coffee, CrossFit, and attempting to play his favorite Beethoven Piano Sonatas. At just 14, he joined a technical college, and later attended a local university, where he took computer science courses to further hone his skill and develop a solid understanding of the discipline.

In , he worked for Ufersa, a Brazilian Federal University for three years before joining 10up. Ricky Lee has been building sites for over a decade. During college, a passion for print publishing he found while serving as Campus Life and Photo Editor for the yearbook evolved into a love of web publishing. After graduating from Auburn University with a degree in Management Information System, he moved to Atlanta where he would spent five years as lead developer for a local agency with clients primarily in healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate.

For the next few years, he made countless happy clients as he migrated their websites from clunky, closed-source platforms to WordPress.

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Ryan began making websites back in the mid-nineties, when tables were king and Flash intros were cool. For over 10 years, Ryan helped build and lead the design team of a small agency, focusing on author, tourism, real estate, and other small business websites. Helping to build several successful SaaS products — including a custom CMS and template system used by over 5, clients — gave him a unique appreciation of WordPress and its community. In Ryan decided to get more serious about WordPress design and development, creating open source plugins and themes that have been downloaded thousands of times.


He is a fan of craftsmanship, user experience, Oxford commas, and humor. Seeking change from a career as an audio engineer, Ryan graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology and began working as a web developer. Not long after, he released his first plugin for the WordPress community.