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Respect copyright laws, particularly 17 USC , involving "fair use" of original material. In particular, I will release no material in a manner which allows its copying in books, newspapers, TV screens, etc. I will follow any special instructions given which do not compromise scientific integrity or reasonable cost. In particular, you may specify who the material may be shown to: anywhere from "show nobody" to "use any way you please. Cases have been identified, years later, this way. The sensitive nature of some cases may prevent this openness.

Specify at the end of this form. My recommended method of shipment is the US Postal Service; prices are very reasonable, and speed is moderate.

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Send to: Jeff Sainio, W. Be especially careful with videotapes; their sharp corners will shred loose paper wrappers. Cardboard videotape mailers or foam 6x9" mailers 3M part size 0 also work well. If speed is of the essence, the various overnight services may be used. Call me at for overnight-service instructions to my place of employment, where Saturday delivery is available, probably at extra cost from your shipper.

What to send? The complete photo evidence. My equipment designed for analysis of printed material is best suited for prints, so there is rarely an advantage to risking sending original negatives through the mail. Slides are also best converted to prints, and the prints mailed.

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In the few cases where more information may be gleaned from the originals, later arrangements can be made. You may also include enlargements of a feature of interest, but this must be in addition to the complete photo. Often, recognizable terrestrial objects such as tree branches, streetlights, or distant hills, are essential reference objects. In the case of video, copy the complete videotape at standard S VHS speed; other ordinary clips before the UFO video may be needed to determine camera characteristics.

World's top UFO hunter dies aged 84 without ever seeing one during his 62 years of research

Do not perform freeze-frame or slow-motion of the parts of interest; this destroys timing information and is poor-quality on most home equipment. I will do this as necessary on my industrial-grade equipment. You may add this to the end of the video to illustrate interesting points, but an unedited copy of the video is essential. Label the tape; remember I may receive several tapes a week and don't want to mix any up. Broadcast custom is that an unlabelled tape is blank! It is only a piece of the puzzle, not a key, but the more puzzle-pieces I have, the better I can interpret the data.

Shapeless blobs, or translucent spots should not be cause for interest.

Unidentified Flying Objects (1967)

Only clearly-structured unseen objects will be examined. Most video misidentifications are of Venus or airplanes.

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They probably account for fully half my submissions. A nocturnal fixed point of light, with no anomalous motion, is best called a star. A light, with occasional blinks on either side, is probably an airplane running light with wingtip strobe lights. The UFO that I capture clearly reflects light, also shows no signs of a conventional craft.

What I was able to do using this ND filter method, is promtly switch over to the visible spectrum, just to see whether the bright object that I had captured in infrared would also remain in the visible spectrum too. As you will see by watching the footage, the UFO vanishes in the visible spectrum. Please watch in the best possible quality format and full screen U nderstanding the possibilities that can be achieved using the right infrared recording equipment, we now know this aerial phenomena can be captured very easily at an affordable cost.

Confident a small percentage of these lights are not all passing satellites, planes, birds etc, but possible 'UFOs' , I had to keep trying to provoke a reaction using my laser pointer. I had already given myself confidence that it can be done which I show in a previous post. In this next piece of UFO footage, I show how a response can be instigated using a laser in a non-aggressive manner. Purposely not pointing the laser directly at the UFOs, but very close to them. In the footage taken on the 23rd April, , you will see what appears to be passing satellites, as I flash the laser, you will see the UFOs flash back.

Some will argue these are just passing satellites catching the Sun's rays which is lighting them up, which is normally the case. But, the second UFO that travels from left to right of the screen not only flashes, but at around seconds starts to reduces travelling speed, significantly. At around seconds, when the UFO is at it's slowest travelling speed, the UFO starts to light up or 'power-up' as it's sometimes known as, remaining lit up for a period of around 20 seconds. Some may still argues that it is just a rare capture of an iridium flare, but what you can't argue with is the fact the object significantly reduces travelling speed, something satellites just don't do.

All iridium satellite flares, plus the ISS amongst other satellites can be tracked at the heavens-above website. After this event I did my utmost to find out what I had just witnessed and recorded. If I were to have been lucky enough to have witnessed a flare or any other similar event, I would've posted just that. After issuing the footage to MUFON the lead UK investigations team member Jack Turnbull, we came to a conclusion it was an 'unknown' as it wasn't pigeon holed as anything 'conventional'.

I have performed this a few times now, but think it is a very risky thing to do, in more ways than one. Saturday, 11 June Night Vision Capture.

H ere's a capture that was filmed using my NV scope. The capture just happens to include a plane, yet again This involves a low flying UFO that I would say is flying at around the same altitude as the low flying plane, flying just several thousand feet up. It could be lower, it could be higher, it is very difficult to judge in night vision as the image is 2 dimensional looking. I've been filming satellites going over for several years now, when I spot one, it's pretty obvious what it is. But, this is very different The footage was filmed on the 2nd April traveling North, this really did take me by surprise as it shot by.

I had it in shot for quite a while which gave me the chance to make visual contact, which were negative, totally invisible. I also have filmed it without the use of night vision. Here's some footage my mine that a captured a while a using my homemade night vision scope. O n the 31 Aug around mid day, I captured a very shiny object sat almost stationary above the rooftops.

Close Encounters With People Who Believe in UFOs

Very hard to estimate the size of an object like this as distance is unknown. It never really changes altitude, but unfortunately the object slowly travelled north away from me.

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  • The benefit of this is that low light filming in infrared is a possibility. By slowing down the shutter speed, this allows the CCD light sensor time to gather more light before processing.

    On the 31st May at around 1. Upon zooming onto a plane that was heading for Bournemouth airport, I instantly noticed a spherical ball of light flying along side it. This was to become my first 'orb' UFO capture. Traditionally, these UFOs are called Foo Fighters, named by the pilots that flew in WW2, spherical objects that buzzed around their planes, but never hostile.

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    Now, I am unsure whether this type of UFO is invisible to the naked eye. Shape shifting UFO? O n the 8th of Feb , I captured an object that taught me a lot about IR pass filters. The actual filming of the UFO is terrible due to the shakiness, which I apologise for. With walking around the garden to try and get a clearer shot, the footage is rather shaky.