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Both Victor and the reader are set up to expect the monster to be coarse, barbaric, violent, and inhuman, but his narrative shows him to be intelligent, sensitive, and capable of feeling profound human emotions like empathy and love. After that, the point of view returns to Victor, who continues his story.

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LitCharts From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. Download this entire guide PDF. Point of View Definition What is point of view? Some additional key details about point of view: Each different point of view has its own specific qualities that influence the narrative. It's up to the author to choose which point of view is best for narrating the story he or she is writing. Second person point of view is extremely rare in literature.

First Person Point of View In first person point of view, the narrator tells the story from his or her own perspective. Too bad for him, though: I only had five dollars in my bag. First Person Point of View and the Protagonist In a story told in the first person, the character who acts as narrator will often also be the protagonist of the story. His voice dominates the story, and the story he tells is his own.

Nick Carraway tells the story, and the reader is limited to understanding the story through what Nick himself sees, knows, and thinks, but nevertheless the story that Nick tells is not his own but rather Gatsby's. Omniscient just means "all-knowing. For instance, the chapters of George R. Martin's The Song of Ice and Fire books are all named after characters, and each chapter is told from the limited third person point of view of the named character.

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Stories can switch between first person points of view: William Faulkner's novel As I Lay Dying is structurally similar to the Song of Ice and Fire books in the sense that each chapter is named after a character. However, each chapter is told in the first person by the named character. The Darl chapters are told in the first person by Darl, the Cash chapter are narrated by Cash, the Vardamon chapters by Vardamon, and so on.

For example, Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury has four parts. The first three parts are all narrated in the first person, with the first part narrated by Benjy, the second part by Quentin, and the third part by Jason.


Understanding Point of View in Literature

But the fourth part is told in the third person omniscient and follows a bunch of different characters at different times. Point of View Examples Every work of literature has a point of view, and so there are essentially endless examples of point of view in literature. What's the Function of Point of View in Literature? Lastly, if the writer wants the reader to feel like they themselves are in the center of the action, they might choose a second person point of view. Cite This Page.

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Point of View

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