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Frequently Asked Dance Questions - Dancing for Dessert Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio

You are not confined to your hotel room. You have the freedom to do what you want to do while getting a great discount as part of a group. You will actually learn or improve your tango with us in a fun and comfortable environment. What you pay before you leave home is what you need to pay. All access to Milongas, transfers, tango partners, etc. Others make you pay extra for this on arrival; we don't. Yes they will. You can get private lessons in one of our dance studios. You can book this before you arrive, too. Please see the set dates on the group tour page; we have dates throughout the year.

Yes you can have your own group, and you can even set your own dates to suit you and your group. Please contact us to put together your own group. We have qualified and experienced tango teachers who are well-known around the world. Buenos Aires is an international city with quality hotels.

We have handpicked some that we work with, but we are flexible and can change to any other hotel that you want. Once you arrive in Buenos Aires, all transfers to all activities are included in our packages except classes. Classes are usually around the corner in our dance studios , close to your hotel. Our transportation is handled by a professional company, not our cousins or friends, and you will always be comfortable.

Yes, we can help. We have customers from different parts of the world, so we can't include the airfare in the tour price, but we can book the flights for you, if you so desire. If there are 10 or more people from leaving from the same airport, we can get you great discounts from the airlines. Buenos Aires is an international city.

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Most of the people you will meet speak some kind of English, so you will not have problems. All the Argentina Tango people you will deal with in Buenos Aires speak good English; you need not worry.

All our tours include breakfast every day. Some activities have lunch included and there is an optional dinner out for everyone in the group while you are in Buenos Aires you pay for your food. Eating out is very much a norm in Buenos Aires, and there are many wonderful restaurants. We choose the best for you and keep you away from tourist traps. If you have special food needs i. You can! We have designed two different tours to make it easy for you to choose one.

But we can also customize them to meet your special requirements. We can add or subtract days, upgrade or downgrade hotel rooms, and give you more or fewer activities, etc. What clothes should I wear?

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What shoes should I wear? What if I miss a class? What is the age range at your studio? In these cases, couples must still remain within the small space. Within these parameters, the couples may perform any commonly used figures typical of stage Tango. You can register online www. Please review your schedule before signing up for contest.


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If you must drop out for any reason, absolutely no refund or exchange will be permitted. All included in your admission! Double surprise performance Midnight! Dancing start at 9pm to 3am — Classes will be in the other salon at pm. Raffles and gifts gifts gifts at Lots of fun and Noise makers. Back to dancing, more fun, more food and drinks all night!

Buy a Group of 3 and more and you will get a Free bottle of chilling prosecco gift. Get your ticket in advanced and guaranteed the table. Early Bird special Big Saving!!!!! Tickets before Dec 2nd. Tickets before Dec 23rd. You can buy your tickets at our milongas. Tango classes:. Classes will be in the separate room.

Dancing will start at 9pm to 3am more time to dance guys. Facebook: Rhythmology Dance. Twitter: RhythmologyN Y. All rights reserved. Study our dance. Level 2: Sundays pmpm Level Two is for students with experience dancing in hustle. Sabado de Rumba. Domingo con Ritmo. Rhythmology Night.

Dancing the Argentine Tango : Modern Argentine Tango Steps

Westbury, New York Call: Email: info rhythmologydance.