Winging It Our Way Southern Indiana

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Winging It ~ Our Way : Southern Indiana “Hinkle’s Hamburgers and Astronaut Memorial”

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Winging It Our Way Southern Indiana

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Show less. I also took time to walk around campus and I admit I had a yearning to be back in college. The Science Center stairwell still had that odd musty? I really do miss college life. It makes me realize just how much I look forward to starting grad school next fall The new fountain on the JayWalk.

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A bat decal in the Science Center stairwell! Saying goodbye to Meredith at the airport. It will be a perfect opportunity for me to present my Australia Fulbright research and also meet potential grad school supervisors, and of course have fun catching some tropical bat species! My first hockey game ever! And we the Cyclones won. Yes, the ice is pink to honor breast cancer survivors. Thursday, January 31, Growing Up. Last week my third week I felt SO overwhelmed with everything.

He said not to worry and that he learned all those things after years of grad school. Stephen and I also sat down and discussed my project in more detail, and at one point he asked me what we want to know about the products were would be making and how we could figure these things out. I was like a deer in headlights. By the end of last week I felt a bit more settled but I still had a lot to digest and synthesize.

Product description

This week has been a bit smoother and less nerve-wracking. Our ultimate goal is to optimize the production process and then upscale it to make the compound in mass quantities in the plant and then sell it to the customer. It will be pretty neat to see how the whole process works! CSA is a girl-run association for older girls. I used to be a member when I was a girl and at one point was President.

I, along with another chaperone, was in charge of a group of 19 girls. Boy was it a totally different experience than it was when I was a girl participant!

I was responsible for the girls, not just myself, and I had to serve as a good role model. On the last night of the conference I chaperoned the dance, and at times I had to remind myself that I was there as an adult and role model and I had to let the girls bust out all their moves and keep mine in!

At the conference I also presented a bat workshop. I had originally only had five girls signed up, but another workshop at that time was cancelled and the girls in it were moved to my workshop, giving me a total of 15 girls. The girls asked SO many great questions and were so enthusiastic that the time was easily filled.

When the girls left at the end several told me that they had a really good time. Lots of bat cookies for my bat workshop at the Girl Scout conference.

wing (one's)/its way

I have been attending training sessions every Saturday morning for the past several weeks, and in the spring will volunteer at the Educator carts located throughout the zoo. Snow surfing. A snowy sunrise in my front yard photo courtesy of my mom, as I was still sleeping at the time this was before I started my new job.

Ringing in the New Year with friends old and new! Our cat, Bonnie, caught in the act I can no longer follow my natural bat-like schedule, and I now rise with actually before the sun and go to bed by pm.

Wingin It INTRO

I feel like an old person! I will be working with inorganic and carboxylate metal chemicals. The first three days I went through general training with two new chemical engineering co-op students who are in college. Everyone has been quite intrigued when they learn that I am a Zoology major and study bats.

During training we watched several safety DVDs, learned about the history of the company and the products it makes, walked around the chemical plant, got fit tested for respirators both half and full face , and learned how to access the computer system.

Bikers Welcome

We received binders full of information, which I asked if I was allowed to take home to read. The trainer looked at me in a kind of surprised way and said I could read it at work and get paid to read it if I wanted, but that I could take it home if I wanted. I realized then just how unaccustomed I am to a regular 9-to-5 type job.

It should be interesting! I also hope to get involved with CREW. I volunteered and then worked there through high school, so it will be great to get back. Merry Christmas!